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The npm package everyone wanted!

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Rovel.js may get deprecated in future!

This package has not been updated over an year now, therefore it can have a certain number of bugs and unknown vulnerabilities. We recommend you to choose other packages instead of using rovel.js . Thanks for the support over the years!

# Introduction

Rovel.js is a lightweight package, that dosen't require building, and gives you a variety of amazing features for your project. Rovel.js includes plugins, which increase the features of it. More about plugins are here .

Rovel.js was initially meant to be used as an API client for our discord list, but was later extended to use our API website (opens new window) and then, was extended more to fit every programmer's needs 😌.

# Features

Some of the features in rovel.js are:

  • Console text colouring.
  • window.fetch implementation in nodejs (thus allowing your code to be the same for both browsers and terminals!)
  • :text: to 😎 emoji!
  • Allows mamy different type of execution commands!
  • Rovel OS (⌐■-■) which is a lightweight CUI based OS that runs on top of all OS!
  • approx your numbers (like: 1000 gets converted into 1k)
  • 100+ Different functions for your code ୧(^ 〰 ^)୨
  • Net speed 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃 ⊙.☉
  • And many more!

# Try it out! 😎

You wanted to try this thing out? Do it here before installing it on your terminal! We have our own terminal saved online! If you want to visit the site anytime, just go to the below button. Try Rovel.js on RunKit (opens new window)